Chemistry Resource List

There are now quite a few resources for teaching chemistry uploaded onto our website.They are linked to, where possible, from all the appropriate outcomes at the various curricular levels. In addition, they can be browsed en masse from the pages below. The only form of separation is that the microscale activities are on their own page with tabs for the experiments, equipment making etc.

In order to give a bit of guidance as to usage, in the summaries we have used the following suffixes  (c) for a classroom experiment  (d) for a demonstration and (i) where we think it is suitable for investigative work. We also make suggestions as to the age groups they are suitable for. As always, though, these are merely suggestions: use them as you will.

Not surprisingly, curricular references reference the Scottish curriculum. We are aware, though, that some independent schools offer ‘A’ levels and so have produced a sheet to enable teachers using eg RSC resources that specifically reference CLEAPSS Hazcards to find out which Hazcard entry is mirrored on which page of our website and click on the link. It can be downloaded here (Hazcard References).

Chemical Resources Database