Maillard-2This page is the landing page for a series of food chemistry experiments which were devised to support some videos produced by Abertay University, the Scottish Food and Drink Federation, Education Scotland and SSERC.

The experiments can all be carried out easily in the classroom and help to illustrate the importance of chemistry and chemists to the food industry – a hugely important part of the Scottish economy.

The Experiments (which can be accessed along with the videos by clicking on the links below) are:

Emulsions – A look at emulsion formation and the effect of different emulsifying agents.

Enzymic browning – A look at the conditions that affect the rate of browning of apples (as an exampke of fruit and vegetables in general)

Maillard Reactions – some simple examples of this hugely importanc class of reactions between sugars and amino acids that produce colour and aromas in many cooked foods.

Oxidative Rancidity – Simple experiments to investigate the effect of different conditions on the oxidation of fats.

TLC of amino acids in Soy Sauce – an investigation into the different amino acids that can be found in different types/brands of soy sauce.

As well as videos to support each of the activities, there is another one that showcases the different employment opportunities, particularly for scientists, in the food industry.

If ypur interenet does not allow easy watching of this online, you can download it here. Right-click on the link and select ‘save link as . . .’ or ‘save target as . . .’