Non-SSERC Resources

Here is a list of links to some websites that provide ideas and support for practical chemistry.

Please remember – while this is a list of reputable sites and you can be pretty sure that their experiments are safe and reliable, they have been drawn up in different jurisdictions with different regulations You will need to carry out your own risk assessments before using them in the classroom.

Many of the experiments from English websites make reference to CLEAPSS Hazcards for health and safety information. To help, we have produced a sheet to enable teachers using eg RSC resources that specifically reference these to find out which Hazcard entry is mirrored on which page of our website. They can then click on the link. It can be downloaded here (Hazcard References).

Here in Scotland, you can just visit the relevant page on the Hazardous Chemicals section of the Website for the same information.

All the links will open in new windows so you don’t need to log back in to our site.

Practical Work

Royal Society of Chemistry – All the RSC’s experiment protocols and much, much more can be found in the new Education part of their website. It can be a bit tricky to find what you want but it is almost certainly there.

Nuffield Foundation – This is in association with the RSC so there will be some overlap. The Practical Chemistry’ section of the site is the bit with all the resources.

STEM Learning – This is a link to their elibrary which covers all the STEM subjects. There is an easy to use set of filters to help you find what you want. You do need to register for this one but it is free.

The Solar Spark – A site run, at least in part, by Neil Robertson’s group at Edinburgh University, who research Dye Sensitised Solar Cells. You will find experiments using DSSCs there but quite a bit more as well.

Bob Worley’s Microscale Chemistry site – A treasure trove of great ideas for microscale chemistry.

NurdRage – One of the best of the YouTube channels dealing with chemistry. A lot of interesting practical work: some of it not suitable but quite a few readily manageable experiments.

Periodic videos – a tremendous resource with videos on every element in the periodic table.