Chemistry Bulletin Articles

Over the years there have been many interesting and useful articles that have appeared in the SSERC Bulletin. Unfortunately the lack of an index has meant that unless you are aware of them (or have the time to thumb (electronically perhaps) though then they will remain hidden . . . until now.

The spreadsheet below contains a sortable list of all the Chemistry articles that have appeared in the SSERC Bulletin since it’s inception in 1965. (Well, ignoring some relating to equipment no longer available – 1980’s datalogging with a BBC micro for instance). You can also download the spreadsheet to peruse offline if you prefer.

More recent articles appear as separate pdf files – these are in black text with blue links. The page number here is the number printed in the Bulletin, which is the same as that in the pdf.

The entries in grey link only to the entire Bulletin (well, to the year and you will need to select the correct tab, then open the Bulletin and search for the article). The page numbers refer to the pages in the pdf. (The numbers in brackets are those printed in the actual bulletin).

A word of warning – old Bulletins may contain outdated information – if you are at all uncertain, contact us for advice.