Bogs TG This activity aims to provide teachers with a resource which will help them to raise some of the environmental science issues relating to the preservation of peat bogs with their pupils. It is written for pupils at CfE second level but it could be modified to be used with younger or older pupils.

This activity could be used when pupils are studying plants and the environment and could be combined with a more general resource – Let’s Talk Plants which aims to encourage pupils to discuss some of the issues and conflicts associated with preserving forests, providing habitats for wild animals within farmland and the importance of plants in the oceans.

This activity supports the following CfE outcomes:

  • I can explore examples of food chains and show an appreciation of how animals and plants depend on each other for food [SCN 1-02a].
  • I have collaborated on investigations into the process of photosynthesis and I can demonstrate my understanding of why plants are vital to sustaining life on Earth [SCN 3-02a].

We strongly recommend that initially you look through the Teacher Guide and then access the other files as required. The following files are provided:

An A1 poster related to this activity has been produced and copies can be downloaded here.