Bringing SSERC, industry and education together to maximise learner outcomes

  • Does your organisation want to make a unique and positive impact in STEM education and training?
  • Do you want to support the professional learning of STEM educators via your expertise and experience?
  • Do you want to help the attainment, achievement and support positive destinations for young people?
  • Do you want to deliver on your CSR, and Career Education Standard responsibilities as an employer?
  • Do you want to bring the world of work to life and into the classroom?

SSERC invites you to join us in an Education Industry Partnership.

SSERC is currently operating three Education Industry Partnerships in Scotland, bringing STEM Industry, Teachers and Learners together.

At SSERC, we work in partnership with individuals and organisations who are committed to support STEM learning experiences in Scottish education. Our Education Industry Partners (EIPs) are a growing list of people who represent an increasingly diverse range of settings and specialisms, all with the shared value to develop and deliver inspirational and engaging STEM Learning opportunities for educators and their learners.

Taking part in an Education Industry Partnership with SSERC offers organisations the opportunity to innovate, creating fresh and impactful engagements in STEM. It is gives everyone involved the collaborative and creative space and time to ensure corporate social responsibilities are delivered with the greatest possible effects and outcomes.

We have a range of existing programmes for partners to choose from, meaning support can be instant and promptly launched into leaning communicates in Scotland and beyond. Alternatively, the team at SSERC will work with EIPs to create new and bespoke programmes, using everyone’s expertise and experience to create something truly unique.


Why get involved?

SSERC EIPs have the potential to bring together industry and education, enabling groups of early years, primary/secondary schools and colleges to improve young people’s engagement in STEM and so inspire them into subjects and careers which can assist with the future STEM skills shortage. With a SSERC EIP you gain a dedicated point of contact to facilitate the development of a strategic plan that meets Scottish Government National Outcomes whilst meeting the specific requirements of community benefit procurement clauses or support corporate social responsibility activities.


What can EIPs offer?

Organisations who join us as EIPs can support SSERC’s vast portfolio of STEM products, offers and services:

  • Professional and careers-based learning for STEM educators
  • The Young STEM Leader Programme
  • STEM Ambassadors
  • SSERC Teacher Placement Programme
  • STEM activities challenges, workshops and events
  • Bespoke outreach and engagement between education staff and learners and the organisation



The Impact of EIPs


  • Creating networks of positive STEM role models, mentors and coaches to inspire children, young people and peers to develop their STEM talent
  • Promoting the opportunities and benefits offered by STEM learning and careers including fostering a better understanding of the wider cultural, health and environmental benefits of STEM
  • Engaging with STEM and helping learners to make informed choices about study and careers
  • Recognising and celebrating the successes of learners and providers in developing their STEM capability
  • Improving the economic, social, and environmental wellbeing of the local area and on a national scale
  • Facilitating the involvement of small and medium enterprises, third sector bodies and supported businesses in the process
  • Promoting innovation


National Outcomes that an EIP can contribute to:


Build the STEM skills pipeline, locally and nationally.

Develop relationships with future employees including apprentices.

Improve employee motivation and skills through working with young people.

Increase your visibility as a STEM employer active in the community.

Make a positive contribution to a
social mobility.


To plan your bespoke partnership with SSERC to support STEM learning and engagement for educators and young people in Scotland, contact us now: