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Update (3rd March 2022)

Everything is pretty much back to normal for our courses now. A few of them are still partially (or wholly) online but this is a decision relating to the best way to deliver rather than as a result of Covid precautions.

In SSERC we are proud of the quality and the variety of courses which we offer to teachers and we recognise the need for professional development opportunities which focus on offering support to both teachers and technicians.

Within SSERC we have developed a range of courses which focus on practical, hands-on activities that are easily applied in the classroom. Our course offerings range from early secondary to Advanced Higher and we offer both residential and non-residential opportunities. SSERC also offers a range of professional development opportunities to support technicians.

Many of our courses receive funding from the ENTHUSE Bursary scheme or the Scottish Government.  In some cases bursaries will cover the course costs and allow us to provide resources to support learning and teaching in schools. 

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