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An important feature of the work of SSERC is the production of health and safety advice for schools and colleges who are in membership. Through our website we provide a number of resources to support this area of activity.

Misunderstandings about the application of health and safety law have, in some cases, discouraged schools and teachers from carrying out a range of learning activities both inside and outside the classroom. These misunderstandings can also be fuelled by fears of civil action or concerns about the need for detailed paperwork.

A proportionate approach to the management of health and safety risks in schools is about:

  • protecting pupils and staff from real harm
    • enabling innovation and learning opportunities to take place
    • helping those who create the risks to manage them sensibly and responsibly

It’s NOT about:

  • creating a totally risk free environment
    • stifling initiative and stopping learning activities where risks are managed
    • generating mountains of paperwork