Updated 25th June 2020

We now have a date for the beginnning of a phased return to schools in Scotland – the 11th of August.

We have therefore issued guidance to help Early Years and Primary as well as secondary school Science and Technology departments prepare and be as ready as they can be when the time arrives for learners to start returning.

The documents can be downloaded from the following links

Early Years & Primary

Secondary science and technology

These are versions 1.0 of the Early Years and Primary guidance and 2.o of the secondary guidance. Future additions, at least until further notice, will be in the form of FAQs added at the end of the document.

We realise that there will be wide variation between schools across the country in terms of: pupil rolls, number and size of classrooms, etc. The advice here is necessarily general. If you have specific advice, please contact us at SSERC.

For guidance on other aspects of returning to school, you should consult the advice from the Scottish Government which can be found here (https://www.gov.scot/publications/coronavirus-covid-19-re-opening-schools-guide/)