We are currently undertaking a complete revision of or Leadership provision. As the old content is no longer relevant, we have taken it down. However, if you do need a specific document that used to be on these pages, email us at SSERC (enquiries@sserc.scot) and we’ll be happy to send it to you.

For everyone else, we hope to have the new pages up and running soon.

Health and Safety – This link will take you to the SSERC health and safety pages.

Publications – Here you will find details of two SSERC publications. The Excellent Science Department, which is a guide to the leadership and self-evaluation of a science department. The Modern Science Teacher is aimed a new and recently qualified teachers although it is also a useful reminder and aide memoire for the more experienced hand. Both form part of the pre-course reading for SSERC leadership courses and are available free on application to enquiries@sserc.scot for teachers whose local authorities, schools or colleges are members of SSERC.

Topics in leadership – Here you can access SSERC publications that go into aspects of science curriculum leadership in some depth. They include Evidence Based Education, Quality Assuring a Science Curriculum, Leading Professional Learning and Developing a Leadership Culture.

Professional learning – Here you will find details of the two SSERC leadership courses Leading for Excellence in Science which is offered annually and Science for Curriculum Leaders and Heads of Faculty which is offered every two years. Both are two part residential courses.

Quizzes – Here you will find quizzes that although light-hearted have serious intent. We hope these will give you an insight into delegation, teamwork and attitudes to change.

Book Reviews – Here you will find reviews of a recommended selection of books on key issues relevant to the work of a Science Curriculum Leader. These are the books to read if you want to be at the top of your game as a curriculum leader in science.

Leadership Bibliography – The aim of this bibliography is to provide a ready point of access to a number of publications, references and web sites that should be of interest and value to Curriculum Leaders in Science.