Welcome to the professional learning section of the SSERC website.

Update (31st August 2021)

Our courses are now up and running in a near-normal manner.

However – at present we are having some teething troubles with our new online course booking system. To be certain over the next few days it would be prudent to email us to put in an application. enquiries@sserc.scot

We have also set up a landing page which lists a number of interventions we have available for home-learning, this can be found at:  https://www.sserc.org.uk/subject-areas/sserc-home-learning/

Our courses and programmes range from twilight events, day-courses through to residential meetings lasting up to 5 days in total. A number of our courses are delivered through e-learning systems. Our curriculum coverage spans both primary and secondary sectors and we offer events for teachers, trainee teachers and technicians. Please contact us for more information or to discuss bespoke programmes which can be offered.

The costs for many of our courses are heavily subsidised – further details are available on the course pages.