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Scotland has strong and proud tradition of excellence and innovation across a wide range of fields from engineering, electronics, optoelectronics, biomedical research to genomics and cell engineering.

The Scottish Technology curriculum offers children and young people the framework to develop the skills and knowledge necessary for today’s world and to shape their future environment.

The curriculum is designed to provide them with a range of challenging activities, which involves problem solving, exploration of new concepts, skills, materials and creating products through real life applications. It assists in developing creativity and entrepreneurial skills, encouraging them to become innovative and critical designers of the future.

The SSERC Technology team’s key role is to support this curricular framework through assisting in matters of Health and Safety, relevant training and resources for education officers, teachers, student teachers and technicians.

SSERC offers this support across all 32 Local Authorities and independent school members.

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On these pages you will find:

Technical Education Resources 

  • Resources and curricular materials useful for teachers/technicians CLPL and students

Technical Education Model Risk Assessments

  • From here you can download many generic risk assessments relating to the safe use of most workshop machinery commonly found in school technical departments, as well as technician workshops. These are in a word format and need to be personalised to your school/workshop.

Technical Education Draft H&S Policy

  • A complete downloadable Departmental Health and Safety policy which can be tailor to suit your department.

Downloadable A3 Fixed Machinery Safety Signs

  • Safety Signage is a vital control measure in reducing hazards in the school workshop. From here you can download a number the recommended signs for each machine. These should be seen as a minimum standard, where others could be added if a risk assessment identifies the need.

Workshop Machine Spacing

  • Downloadable quick reference to the recommended spacing and safe working area around most workshop machines.

Department Safety Auditing Guide

  • Information and possible considerations when internally auditing your technology departments can be found here.

Drill Speed Poster

  • A handy quick reference guide to drilling speeds for a range of common drill bit types, sizes and materials. Speeds and feed rates should always be changed to suit the application.

SSERC Published Bulletins 

  • Quick link to past and present technology related bulletins.

HSE Posters & Guidance and Further H&S/Machinery Reading 

  • Quick link to useful HSE posters and guidance documents

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