1. Background

In 2005, STEM Learning was tasked to support world-leading STEM teaching in UK primary and secondary schools and colleges through professional learning opportunities for teachers and support staff. To facilitate targeted support for participants from Scottish institutions, STEM Learning and SSERC formed a partnership, and a range of events were organised and delivered. The number of training days offered by SSERC has increased year-on-year.

  1. Courses offered

The professional learning offered under the ENTHUSE Funding scheme covers a wide range, including:

  • leadership programmes for Curriculum Leaders of STEM (primary and secondary)
  • courses for teachers of primary science, including digital technology
  • courses for teachers and technicians of secondary biology, chemistry, environmental science, laboratory science, physics, and technology
  • courses to support secondary Probationer Teachers
  • an SQA-certificated course for technicians in microbiology

Applications to attend ENTHUSE-funded courses should be made through SSERC. Details of the courses available can be found through the Professional Learning pages of the website.

ENTHUSE-funded courses run for at least 2 days and may be delivered in one or more parts, some of which may be residential.

  1. ENTHUSE Funding

3.1  Eligibility

All teachers, tutors, lecturers, technicians and teaching assistants involved in science and technology education at state-funded schools and colleges in Scotland can apply for an ENTHUSE Subsidy for particular courses, which help to cover the cost of attending.

Participants from independent schools are not eligible to receive ENTHUSE funds for attendance at courses although they may be eligible to attend such courses provided that the registration fee is paid.

3.2  Terms and Conditions

To ensure that ENTHUSE Subsidies are paid, the following terms and conditions must be met:

  • You are from a local authority school or F.E. college
  • You have completed the terms and conditions form and the equalities monitoring form, both emailed to you
  • You have registered for the course on the STEM Learning website
  • You have watched the “SSERC Evaluation Process” video and engaged in the evaluation process (detailed below)
  • You have fully attended the course.

3.3  Payment of ENTHUSE Subsidies

Generally, payment by BACS transfer happens 6 weeks after a course has been completed. The level of ENTHUSE Funding payable will vary from course to course but typically the payment is £160 per calendar day of attendance.

  1. Evaluation Process

All delegates on ENTHUSE-funded courses must complete a three-step evaluation process:

  • Form 1 – “Pre-course Evaluation” – this form should be completed before commencing the course and should define your intended outcomes for the professional learning event.
  • Form 2 – “Post-course Evaluation” – this purpose of this form is two-fold: firstly, to allow SSERC to understand the impact of the professional learning event on you; secondly, to allow you to plan for positive impact back at your centre as a result of your professional learning with us.
  • Form 3 – “Measuring impact” – this final part of the evaluation strategy asks you to measure the impact that your professional learning with SSERC has had on you, learners at your centre and any relevant colleagues. The form asks you to consider how you have used your PL experience to enhance outcomes for people and what evidence there is of this.

Failure to engage in the evaluation process will mean that the ENTHUSE Funding will not be paid.