Welcome to the area of the SSERC website on which you will find details of our professional development support for early years practitioners & primary teachers.

In SSERC we are proud of the quality and the variety of courses which we offer to primary teachers and we recognise the need for professional development opportunities which focus on offering support at a time of significant curriculum change.

Within SSERC we have developed a range of courses which focus on practical, hands-on activities that are easily applied in the classroom. Our course offerings range from early years up to and including the primary-secondary transition and we offer both residential and non-residential opportunities.

Delegates on our residential CLPL courses are eligible to receive a grant to support their attendance. If you are teaching in a Local Authority funded-school in Scotland you will qualify for an ENTHUSE Award from the National STEM Learning Centre (NSLC) which will cover registration and accommodation costs associated with the courses. Further details of ENTHUSE Awards can be found on the STEM Learning website or by requesting information from SSERC (enquiries@sserc.scot).

As well as more traditional CLPL events SSERC also offers online professional development. We refer to these as SSERC Meets.

How a SSERC Meet works

At present we are using the Adobe Connect platform to broadcast our SSERC Meets. Only 20 schools can be accepted for each SSERC Meet.

If your application is successful you will be asked to agree to the Terms & Conditions for participation in the SSERC Meet and thereafter your school will be sent a box of resources which are specifically tailored to support the activities of the SSERC Meet you applied for. Your school is required to participate in the live event on the day and we will ask you to submit a sign-in sheet listing all participants in your school. Each participant is then required to complete a short online Evaluation Form within 2 weeks of the date of the SSERC Meet.

This course has no fee. All we ask in return is that you and each of your colleagues fill in one of our short online evaluation forms in order that we can refine and improve this exciting way of delivering CLPL for the future.

Please contact us (enquiries@sserc.scot) for more information on any of our provisions or to discuss bespoke courses which can be offered.

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Laying the Foundations of Computer Science – Early and First

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