EnzymicBrowningIt is indisputable that fruit and vegetables are good for us. It is also unarguable that unappetising, brown-looking fruit and vegetables are not likely to be eaten.

Theis browning is caused (mainly) by enzyme activity and it is in the interest of the producers as well as the customers to find ways of slowing the process to ensure that our fruit and vegetables remain looking tasty for as long as possible.

This investigation looks at enzymatic browning in cooking apples (as they go brown faster than just about anything else) and at some of the factors that can affect the rate of the process.

Enzymatic Browning – Pupil Guide

Enzymatic Browning – Teacher/Technician Guide

Enzymatic Browning – Risk Assessment

The short video about emulsions which you can watch below, can be downloaded here if your internet connection does not allow online viewing.