Renewable Energy

This was originally produced in 2007 in a cooperative venture between SSERC and The University of Edinburgh School of Chemistry with help from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC), (along with The Renewable Energy Roadshow.  It was extensively trialed and  found favour with staff and pupils.

It has recently (Spring 2022) been revised slightly to bring it more up to date and a more thorough revision will take place over the summer.

The resources is aimed at CfE Level 3

SCN 3-04b ‘By investigating renewable energy sources and taking part in practical activities to harness them, I can discuss their benefits and potential problems’.

Introductory powerpoint

Maps of the 4 locations along with accompanying Information Sheets

Area/Company Task Cards – A card for each energy type for each location setting out what the groups are doing.

Fact Booklet with information on the types of renewable energy

How to make a model turbine – Large Turbine  Small Turbine

Instruction sheets for practical investigations