The School STEM Technician – No 3 Complete

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An introduction from Alastair MacGregor, CEO of SSERC

STAC Update

New STAC Chair?

Find your STAC representitive.

Professional Learning


Find out about up and coming professional learning opportunities

What courses are coming up

Techné Update

Use the Techné platform at it’s new location.

Woodturning Part 1

Examaning the art of wood turning

Technicians Corner


Paul Watson: A real driving force in the technician profession

What is the Greenpower Challenge?

Case study: Technicians going that bit further

How technicians go the extra mile.

Working on Your Own – The Advantages

The advantages of being a lone technician.

Health and Safety update


Mercury Thermometers

Clarifying thesituation about using mercury thermometers

Oxygen in the laboratory

In this article, we look at some different methods of obtaining oxygen for use in the laboratory.