SSERC Bulletin 278 Complete

Health and Safety

Dissections & abattoirs

Recently, a school reported to us that an abattoir had requested a form from Food Standard Scotland becompleted prior to dispatching any materials.

Having researched this, SSERC can now provide updated guidance to schools who wish to obtain animal byproducts (ABPs) from abattoirs/slaughterhouses in Scotland. The guidance does not extend to materials obtained from butchers or other commercial premises, e.g. supermarkets.

Working with radioactive sources – training

It is a legal requirement that anyone working with radioactive sources receives training first and that the training is recorded and also that the training
is refreshed at appropriate intervals.

In this article we cover the types of training that can meet these legal obligations.

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Activities and Professional Learning

Python, Pandas & Physics Pendulums

The core of this article is about damped simple harmonic oscillation at Advanced Higher Physics but it is multidisciplinary in nature, incorporating elements of maths, computer science and data science.

SSERC Professional Learning Courses

Update on our  upcoming professional learning (PL) courses and events for teachers in both

primary and secondary settings, school technicians, and other educators.

Enbracing Outdoor Learning

Scotland’s “rich urban and rural environments” present enormous potential for delivering the Curriculum for Excellence in a meaningful way to engage young people in their learning, as outlined in Education Scotland’s key document “Curriculum for excellence through outdoor learning”

Leading the Way in STEM

Hear more about the progress of our new course which is being piloted for aspiring and existing school leaders in STEM.

The current academic year has seen the launch of our Leadership in STEM Education professional learning course for both early years & primary and secondary cohorts. This course represents a significant addition to our list of professional learning offers for educators in Scotland, and the pilot year is proving to be a success.

Readying learners for a data-driven world

Data skills are to the 21st Century what reading and writing were to the 20th. This article covers some of the approaches and resources to help teach data literacy..

Technology professional learning

This article provides an outline summary of the current technology course offering. A brief describing of each course and a quick “glance” at what topics are covered on each.  

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STEM Engagement

STEM Engagement round-up

With so much activity going on within STEM engagement at SSERC, the team has taken the opportunity to give a comprehensive round-up of all our programmes.

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