SSERC Honorary Fellowship

The award of Honorary Fellowship is a prestigious award made to individuals who made an exceptional contribution to STEM learning and training in Scotland throughout their career and demonstrate the values associated with SSERC.

Timescales for the Nomination Process

The nomination process will open on 1st September and close on 1st December each year.

  • The Nominations Committee will make recommendations to the SSERC Board of Directors and Trustees at its March meeting.
  • Nominees and nominators will be informed of decisions in April each year.
  • The award of Honorary Fellowship will be made at an awards ceremony in June each year.

For more information about the SSERC Honorary Fellowship Awards process click on the links that follow.

SSERC Honorary Fellowship Award Guidance Document:SSERC Honorary Fellowship Awards Guidance

SSERC Honorary Fellowship Award Nomination Form: SSERC Fellowship nomination form

Previous Honorary Fellowships awarded:

Inaugural award – Paul Beaumont

2023 award – Iain Hunter

There is no prescribed job remit or expectation of a SSERC Honorary Fellow other than to act as an ambassador for the organisation.

For more information about the SSERC Honorary Fellowship Award email