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Welcome to the Chemistry home page.
From here you can access all sorts of useful chemistry-related resources.

At the moment, this new website is only partially complete. Please bear with us during the transition. In the meantime, you can access all the other resources via the old website still which you can find here (

Health and safety – Our Hazardous Chemical’s Database. Has information on a large range of chemicals that are commonly encountered in school. It contains data on the hazards associated with each chemical, information on how to handle, store and dispose of it, and what to do if you spill it or have an accident. You will also find information on a range of experimental procedures involving each chemical.

There is also an index to enable you to search for a chemical under a variety of names.

CLPL Here you will find information on any chemistry-related CLPL courses on the horizon.

Educational resources – The curriculum areas have now been properly organised with links to over 70 workshops and demonstrations either in a list or placed in the sections of the curriculum where we think they fit. If you think any are in the wrong place – or should be referenced elsewhere as well, please let us know.

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Copper compounds test

Copper compounds test