The following resources are offered in support of learning and teaching. Please note that some of the activities could be adapted for use in other parts of Advanced Higher Biology and/or other National Qualifications (e.g. Higher Biology, Higher Human Biology). In the sections that follow you will find a series of links to resources and activities – some of these have been produced by SSERC whilst others are from sources which we are happy to endorse/recommend.

Protein electrophoresis

b-galactosidase (lactase)

Dopa oxidase


Casein Protein

In the coming weeks, we will publish our protocol to determine the mass of casein protein in mammalian milk. This involves using the isoelectric point of the casein protein to allow it to precipitate. A bioinformatics study of casein will allow learners to use the protein sequence to predict what this is and then experimentally explore its accuracy. Our bioinformatics study of casein protein can be downloaded below.