Leadership in STEM Education

A 12-month professional learning (PL) programme that provides leadership opportunities at whole school level, developing the leadership skills and experiences of participants, while seeking to improve the way in which STEM is delivered in their school.  Over the course of the programme participants will receive input across several areas including National STEM policy, leadership in schools, Health and Safety, carrying out Self evaluations of their centre and more. Course participants will also complete a Critical Collaborative Professional Enquiry (CCPE) on a subject of their, with direction and support from external professional in academia.  They will present their findings at a showcase event at the end of the programme to the other cohort delegates.  The Leadership in STEM programme is open to all primary and secondary practitioners from classroom level through to senior management.

Participating practitioners will complete 6 Units over the year:

Unit 1: The STEM Policy Landscape – working with the main policies, drivers and people behind education in Scotland.

Unit 2: Leadership Theory – building an understanding of the true meaning of leadership.

Unit 3: Developing Leadership Skills – developing your own leadership skills, qualities and behaviours and preparing for a leadership role.

Unit 4: Professional Enquiry – Stage 1 planning the enquiry and formulating the question.

Unit 5: Professional Enquiry – Stage 2 carrying out the enquiry, gathering and processing the data.

Unit 6: Enrichment Courses* – exploring wider policies and programmes linked to STEM education in Scotland.

*Unit 6 comprises a series of short professional learning outcomes, all with a different focus, which will further participants’ knowledge and understanding across a range of areas.  A minimum of six outcomes must be completed with some mandatory for all. These courses can be undertaken at any stage across the duration of the programme.
Unit content will be adapted where necessary to reflect the specific needs and context relevant to the delegate’s educational setting. The six-unit course is a blend of online, face-to-face, and independent research and study.

Spanning around 160 hours, the course covers a broad range of professional learning topics.  Aligned to the GTCS standards for career-long professional learning and middle leadership means the content and learning is set at SCQF Level 11.  The course also carries Professional Recognition Accreditation from GTCS, an award that recognises the enhanced, significant, sustained and reflective enquiry a teacher has undertaken and the development of their professional learning in a particular area.

Some of the activities involved in this course are:
•     Developing academic writing skills and engaging with publications at Masters Level
•     Exploring key current educational policies in STEM and measuring their impact
•     Carrying out self-evaluation and improvement activities in their centre
•     Developing and understanding management and leadership skills, theory and practice
•     Analysing their own leadership skills and potential through the views of themselves and others
•     Investigating the range of STEM engagement opportunities that exist in Scotland and how they can impact and enhance the learner journey
•     Completing a professional enquiry on a key area relevant to their setting

“This course is invaluable for any practitioners interested in leading STEM activities and providing further STEM opportunities in their centre.  From exploring the National priorities in STEM to gaining valuable insight into your own leadership qualities, the content is well thought out and relevant, with delivery from excellent external speakers.

As an experienced Principal Teacher, I have benefitted enormously from all aspects of this course and would highly recommend this to anyone, no matter where they are on their Leadership journey”.

Join our online information session on

Wednesday 20th March 2024

16:30 to 17:30 for more details on the course

Alternatively email us with your query using Leadership in STEM as the subject title. 

Email enquiries@sserc.scot

CLICK HERE to download the SSERC Leadership in STEM Education – In-School Coach Supporting Pack.

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Course Dates:
21st May 2024 – online twilight session 
4th June 2024 – 1 day at SSERC
Sept – Nov 2024 – 6 online twilight sessions (Dates to be confirmed)
26th – 27th Nov 2024 – 2 days at SSERC
21st Jan 2025 – 1 day at SSERC
12th June 2025 – 1 day at SSERC 
Closing Date: 22nd April 2024