An event for Primary Teachers supported by SSERC, the Portmoak Community Woodland Group and Loch Leven’s Larder

Where: Starting at Loch Leven’s Larder – (Kinross KY13 9HD)

When: Tuesday 4th June 2024 Meeting on the front terrace of the Larder from 3.30pm onwards. The walk will begin at 4.30pm and finish at around 6pm.

What will we do: Over a cup of tea and cakes we will look at a range of Biodiversity resources and talk about how they could be used with different classes. Then we will walk on the Heritage Trail looking at the plant and animal biodiversity using the new Biodiversity Booklet

What will you receive: A class set of the new Biodiversity Booklet for Primary learners and A variety of Biodiversity resources

What follow up might you expect: You might like to bring a class to this area and members of our team could support you on a walk. You might like to create a similar activity closer to your school and we might be able to support you to achieve this

Date: Tuesday 4th June 2024
Location: Loch Leven’s Larder – Kinross KY13 9HD
Time: 4pm – 6pm (refreshments available from 3:30pm)
Closing date: Friday 17th May

If you experience any difficulties accessing the online booking then please email us at