The role of school technicians in supporting STEM education

24 April 2023
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SSERC is proud to support the work of the Scottish Technicians’ Advisory Council (STAC), which provides us with advice on the professional development of school (and college) technicians in Scotland.   


The UK economy suffers a loss of £1.5bn per year due to STEM skills shortages. This not only represents a loss in terms of the UK’s prosperity but also for young people and adults of learning skills, working in more skilled employment, and potentially pioneering new technologies.  The STEM curriculum, with an equal emphasis on knowledge and skills development, is important in resolving this current and future issue.   


The article link below attempts to position the school technician as a key component in the drive to enhance and recognise the important role that practical activity has within a school and college STEM curriculum and raise the profile of the school and college technician profession in Scotland.

Valuing School and College STEM Technicians circular