SSERC Digital Garden

In June 2020, SSERC applied for a grant from the Scotland Loves Local fund to take an area of wasteland from SSERC HQ  and turned it into a digital garden in a collaborative programme between SSERC and King’s Road Primary School, Rosyth.   We were also fortunate to gain Fife Council and Arnold Clark Community Fund funding to support the project.

What is a digital garden? It’s a standard allotment type garden, but with digital devices monitoring water moisture levels, greenhouse digitally controlled watering and ventilation systems, QR codes identifying plants. We even have a movement-monitored camera that captures wildlife movement that the school can access. The learners worked with SSERC staff to design, build, and plant fruits, flowers, and vegetable seeds.

We were delighted that Provost Leishman agreed to formally open the SSERC digital garden in June 2022.  SSERC staff and staff and learners from King’s Road took the then Chair of the SSERC Board (Alan Nimmo) and the SSERC CEO (Alastair MacGregor) were present for the opening.