In its Strategy for STEM Education and Training (2017), the Scottish Government has committed to ‘establish a new Young Stem Leader Programme to stimulate and strengthen the development of peer mentoring and inspiration in STEM for young people by young people.’

The YSL Programme aims to spark greater interest and participation in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) among young people in Scotland.

Young people have the chance to inspire, lead and mentor their peers through the creation and delivery of STEM activities, events and interactions within education establishments or local community groups.

The key aim of the YSL Programme is to facilitate the development of peer STEM role models to inspire more young people to develop an interest in STEM.

As well as developing important personal skills that are increasingly in demand from employers, working through the programme will motivate the YSLs to progress their STEM studies and potentially embark on a related career in STEM.

The Scottish government-funded Programme is being led by SSERC and a range of partners, including the four Scottish Science Centres, three Scottish STEM Ambassador Hubs, Science Festivals, YouthLink Scotland, Young Scot, Education Scotland, Science Skills Academy and the Scottish Mentoring Network.

The YSL Programme is available at CfE Second, Third and Fourth Levels, underpinned by a framework that identifies the skills, knowledge and behaviours expected of a YSL at each curricular level.

In the coming academic years we aim to offer formally accredited and certificated versions of the YSL Programme at SCQF levels 4, 5 and 6.

The Level 6 version is pending with the Level 4 and 5 frameworks currently in development.  These versions of the programme will be underpinned by learning outcomes and performance criteria for each level.

More information on the YSL programme is available at or from the project team at

[1] STEM strategy for education and training

Please head to to view the YSL (Pilot) Programme Website.

Access the YSL website by visiting

Excitement, interest and positivity around the YSL Programme continues to grow across Scotland.

The pilot phase is now underway with hundreds of young people all over the country preparing to create and lead inspirational STEM activities, events and interactions in their schools, community and youth groups.

The YSL Project Team at SSERC have completed the development of the CfE Second Level and SCQF Level 6 versions of the programme. These two levels are now being piloted across Scotland with 59 centres taking part. Of the centres involved, 19 are primary schools, 32 are secondary and 8 are from community groups or existing STEM initiatives.  Being able to pilot the programme across such a broad range of young people and centres is certain to yield excellent results, case study material and valuable feedback.

YSL Project Manager, Graeme Rough said “We are delighted to have reached this stage, piloting with two levels so soon after the team has been formed. We’d like to thank our project partners, the working group members and of course the many young people who have helped shape this incredibly exciting STEM programme – this has the potential to make a huge impact in STEM engagement on a national scale”.

Many pilot centres have already shared their plans on how young people will towards their digital badges or certificates (CfE Second Level) or their formal accredited award (SCQF Level 6). With such a wide and unusual range of ideas, it is expected that participants will realise that STEM is everywhere and can be appreciated by anyone. There are many supporting documents now available to centres such as support notes, activity packs, YSL logs and a handbook which serves as an informative guide for both Young Stem Leaders and centres. A training programme is being rolled out across the country to support the centres in delivering the programme.

More details can be found on the YSL website

The Young STEM Leader Working Group

In order to develop a robust, credible and appropriate framework for all levels of the YSL Programme, a working group made up of STEM Educators from all over Scotland has been formed.

The YSL Project Team at SSERC would like to thank the following staff who are making a much-valued contribution:

STEM Education Team, Education Scotland
Lynn Yeneka, Education Scotland
Hazel Gardener, Education Scotland
Mairi Thomson, Education Scotland
Maha Abishek, Aberdeen Science Centre
Angela Barclay, Monifeith High School
Steve Beattie, Hayshead Primary School
Catherine Brotherton, Edinburgh College
Caroline Craig, Lochgelly High School
Amy Dixon, Ratho Primary School
Paul Downie, Hyndland Secondary School
Duncan Harvie, Woodmill High School
Louise McGinlay, Dalmarnock Primary
Iona Minto, Peebles High School
Mhairi Taylor, Stewarton Academy
Karen Creighton, PT STEM D&G Council
Jodie Hendry, St, Andrew’s RC Secondary High School
Iain Goodart, All Saints Secondary

Short Term STEM Communications Opportunity:

Full production of high-quality case study materials to convey and celebrate the wide context, early positive engagement and diverse participation relating to the Young STEM Leader programme.

Key Deliverables:

  1. Attend designated YSL pilot centre(s) – liaise directly with YSL PM and pilot centre staff to coordinate the ideal time to attend
  2. Collect video footage and photographs of YSLs, participants of YSL delivery and staff. Ensure permissions are granted – See YSL PM for this.
  3. Collect “Vox Pop” style content and other engaging footage/views of all parties mentioned in part 1.
  4. Collect interview material from all parties mentioned in part 1.
  5. Collate all content and produce electronic case-study material for YSL and SSERC website.
  6. Edit YSL Pilot website as appropriate.
  7. Produce supporting literary pieces for use in publications, social media, reports and other relevant publications.

Case study material will be used to promote YSL programme on a national scale.  The following points are vital to the successful outcome of the task:

  • Case study material will inspire and encourage non-participating centres to learn more and engage with programme.
  • Case study material will assist and promote confidence among reluctant staff/centres.
  • Case study material will be of an extremely high quality and will be used as exemplar materials at external events and training sessions.
  • Case study materials will be used to convey the engagement and success of YSL programme to high level officials in Scottish education.
  • Case study materials must demonstrate and celebrate the wide context of STEM being applied to the YSL programme and also celebrate the diverse range of young people taking part.

All QA of completed tasks to be carried out by Head of STEM Engagement & YSL Project Manager.

To apply contact before 5pm on 1/10/19 with a short statement of your suitability for the role.

Any clarification of tasks can be provided by Project Manager on request.

It is expected – by the client – that this task would be completed across six days.

Membership of the PVG Scheme is required.


The Young STEM Leader (YSL) Youth Steering Group (YSG) will be established to support the delivery and ongoing development of the YSL Programme across Scotland.  The group will represent the voice of young people and provide essential feedback on the YSL Programme.

The types of activities the group might be involved in include:

  • Reviewing and commenting on delivery materials
  • Advising on training activities for young people
  • Supporting marketing and promotional activities including development of social media channels
  • Representing the YSL Programme nationally across a range of platforms


The YSG will be made up of approximately 20 young people aged from 14 years across Scotland. Members of the working group do not necessarily need to be involved in the YSL Programme however participants of the YSL pilot are encouraged to apply as well as those who have supported the Young Scot Co-design activity.

If interested, individuals will be asked to complete a brief application form detailing their interest.



The YSG will hold two formal meetings within the academic year and more regular online correspondence will take place.  Meeting venues will be determined by where members are located, the expectation that SSERC or one of the project partners will host the meetings.  Transport costs and catering will be covered by the YSL Project Team.

Online communication will take place via the digital platform Basecamp, ensuring that the group is as flexible and accessible as possible.  Throughout the year the YSL Project Team will seek feedback from the YSG and this will be done digitally through the platform.

The YSG will also be represented at the YSL Partners Steering Group meetings and other relevant events such as the Scottish Learning Festival, launch and celebration events.

The YSL project will cover any reasonable travel expenses incurred while participating in the YSG.



Participating in the YSG will be an opportunity for young people to develop a wide range of skills and experiences by contributing to a new and exciting national educational programme.

Participants must be willing to commit to one academic year of participation and must contribute to discussions via the digital platform as well as participate in formal activities and meetings.

A Chair and Vice-chair of the YSG will be appointed to help the group complete on deliverables and serve as a direct link between the project team and the YSG.

The Youth Steering Group

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