The new Young STEM Leaders (YSL) programme will support young people in both school and community settings to inspire each other to get involved with STEM.  Working in partnership, the focus will be on providing training and support for young people to enable them to act as positive role models in STEM.  We are also developing a framework of accreditation routes, to help ensure young people’s participation is valued and recognised.

The young STEM Leader Project Team is made up four members: a Project Manager, two Project Officers and the YSL Administration Co-ordinator.

In their first month of working the YSL team have made positive progress in several key areas:

  • Meeting with all key partners involved in the development and delivery of the programme.
  • Delivering focus groups and contributing to panel discussions at three key STEM Conferences.
  • Exploring a wide range of existing STEM engagement opportunities available to young people in Scotland.
  • Attending a mentoring workshop session.
  • Organising focus groups in four secondary schools to learn from young people what they would consider an engaging YSL programme to be.
  • Working with partners on branding of the YSL programme.
  • Working with partners on a framework for the YSL programme.
  • Developing the timeline and resources for an initial pilot at SCQF Level 6 for first delivery in the summer term with pilot schools.