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The tabs below contain links to posters and to further information from a variety of sources: HSE, ROSPA BSI etc

The HSE has produced 2 posters on Electric Shock (2011) and Basic Advice on First Aid at Work (2011) that are appropriate for display in a Technical Education department. A discount is provided if both posters are purchased together.

HSE Electric Shock poster

HSE Basic Advice on First Aid at Work poster

Here are SSERC’s downloadable safety signs for use with fixed machinery. These are A3 sized and can be downloaded then printed to use with the relevant machinery.

Workshop signsIn the documents here, you will find guidelines on the appropriate safety signs which should be displayed in different areas of a school Technology Department.

The document can be downloaded below;

Safety Signs (Word document)

Safety Signs (pdf)

You can download a copy of the chart by clicking Here.