Here you will find reviews of a recommended selection of books on key issues relevant to the work of a science curriculum leader. If schools have a CPD budget and/or a health and safety budget then it may be possible to purchase some of these titles through that route rather than a departmental budget. To access the full review for each book click on the links.

Safeguards in the School Laboratory 12th Edition

This new and revised version gives a concise account of the best safety advice available on the main health and safety problems in school science. Designed to be read from cover to cover as well as a work of reference it covers all areas of school science including management responsibilities.

Making Sense of Secondary Science

This provides a concise accessible summary of the research on the misconceptions learners have about biology, chemistry and physics. Research shows that teaching is unlikely to be effective unless it takes learners existing ideas about science into account. Children’s’ ideas about science are remarkably similar across different countries, cultures and backgrounds and so this book provides useful information to inform the starting point of many science lessons.

Science inside the black box

This aims to improve science education by offering advice to teachers on how to interact more effectively with learners by using assessment to promote learning rather than to provide test scores. These recommendations are based on research evidence and on trialling and evaluation with teachers in schools.

The New Psychology of Leadership

This book is not simply about getting people to do things; it is about getting them to want to do things. It is about achieving influence, not securing compliance. Leadership is about winning the hearts and minds of others and harnessing their energies and passions. This distinguishes it from management, decision-making and authority which although important do not lead to the high level outcomes that leadership can achieve.