Inspiring STEM Educators



Welcome to the SSERC leadership home page where we hope you will find a range of useful and interesting resources to help you develop your leadership skills.

We believe that leaders are most effective when they develop a group identity where group members share an understanding of what is required and are motivated to achieve it. We believe that the leadership behaviours that bring about that group identity can be learned and they can be practised. Nor do you need to be a leader to practise these behaviours. Good followers make good leaders because they employ the same skills and share the same vision as the leader as they work towards a common purpose.

Leaders need to think often, deeply and radically about what they do. Leaders should draw on sources of imaginative ideas rather than prefabricated policies. Improvement should be a habit not a goal of an effective science team.

We hope that the resources in these pages help you in developing yourself and the culture of the teams you work with whether as a leader or a follower. Good luck!

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