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The Stem Cells activity provides teachers with a resource which supports (i) an understanding of stem cells, (ii) how they can be used therapeutically, and (iii) a discussion activity which raises some of the issues relating to stem cells.  The original research and development for this resource was funded by the Wellcome Trust’s ‘Engaging Science Scheme’.

The resource supports CfE level 4 science outcomes and the stem cell outcomes from National 4 and 5 Biology.

The teacher guide gives more detailed information about the curriculum links. Additionally this activity supports the CfE principles and practice document which asks teachers to use activities which encourage young people to:

  • make informed personal decisions and choices
  • express opinions and show respect for others’ views
  • develop informed social, moral and ethical views of scientific, economic and environmental issues
  • discuss and debate scientific ideas and issues.

We strongly recommend that initially you look through the Teacher Guide and then access the other files as required.  Files can be accessed from the links below:

Stem cell reports

We have created a suite of reports about the use of stem cells.  The following are available:

Stem cell reports will be udpated on a regular basis. In due course an archive of past stories will be created.

More detailed information can be found at: