Shampoos, along with all sorts of other cosmetic products, are the end result of thousands of hours of careful research by expert chemists and formulation scientists.

In this activity, pupils:

  1. Extract scent from plant material (using steam distillation or a simple herbal infusion)
  2. Add this to their base shampoo made from chemicals commonly used in commercial shampoo manufacture.
  3. Carry out a variety of tests on their shampoos to determine the efficacy of their product.

In addition to the practical work, there are discussion activities that explore the topic of animal testing of medicines and cosmetics.

Shampoo – Experiment Guide

Shampoo – Teacher’s Guide

Shampoo – Technician’s Guide

Shampoo – Risk Assessment

Shampoo – Lizard’s Lair

Shampoo – Animal experimentation Discussion Activity