Display Screen Equipment

Most people in schools and colleges are not legally classed as DSE Users but regular use of this sort of equipment, which we all of us do, can case injury if not used correctly. This guide seeks to offer advice on how to use it safely.

The previous version of this guidance dated  from 2005 – so, while most of the advice remained sound, it was long overdue for an update. 2005 was 2 years before the invention of then iPhone!

This new guide is shorter than the previous edition, having been pruned of a lot of information which seems now of only tangential relevance. (4 pages of Windows keyboard shortcuts anyone?!) It can be downloaded here or by clicking on the cover image on the right.

In addition, we saw no need to revise the powerpoints and some other documents. However, in case these are still useful we will keep the links to them at the bottom of this page.

Related advice from SSERC

Technician Guidance Sheet – LCD Projectors

Original Versions of the documents (from 2005)

Teachers’ Guide – DSE Teachers Guide (pdf),  DSE Teachers Guide (powerpoint)

Employers’ Guide –  DSE Employers Guide (pdf)

How safe are you when using your computer? A Guide for Pupils & Students – DSE Students Guide (powerpoint)

There is also an A5 leaflet that summarises the advice in the documents above that can be found here DSE A5 (pdf)