Photosynthesis – limiting factors

Cabomba caroliniana has been placed on the EU list of alien invasive species.

Under European Union regulations, “it is an offence in the UK to keep, cultivate, breed, transport, sell or exchange this species, or release it, intentionally or unintentionally, into the environment.”

Until we can find a native species that will perform in the same way in classroom photosynthesis experiments, we are using Egeria najasSee Egeria info.

Experiments with Egeria najas:

Activities with algae:

PowerPoint files (note these are provided here as pdf files; originals are available and can be requested):

Card-based activities

NASA Earth Observatory Videos


Science & Plants for Schools have a range of resources on the topic of photosynthesis.

Practical Biology protocol; Testing Leaves for Starch

Practical Biology protocol; Identifying the conditions needed for photosynthesis