The School STEM Technician – No 4 Complete

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An introduction from Alastair MacGregor, CEO of SSERC

STAC Update

Who is your STAC member

Professional Learning


SSERC Accredited Centres

What courses are coming up

Technician Professional Learning

What courses are coming up

Professional Learning under Development

What new technician courses are under development at SSERC just now.

What is an RPS?

Can a technician be an RPS?

Scientific Glass Blowing

An industry that needs practitioners

Technicians Corner


The Bug guy

Its all creeping and crawling

Girvan Academy Science Fayre

Lets have a look at a school science fayre

Health and Safety update


Dissections and Abattoirs

Clarifying the situation about using abattoirs for dissection material.

Working with Radioactive Sources

In this article, we look at radioactivity risk assessments