Bulletin 280 Complete

Activities & Professional Learning (Whole Section)

The Reintroduction of Assignments

Editorial about what SSERC can do to help with this.

Bandsaw Blade Selection

Bandsaws are versatile machines, that are commonplace in school workshops as they allow for precision cutting of wood and various wood-based materials. However, the effectiveness of a bandsaw greatly depends on the quality, condition and type of blade used.

Microscale biology: fermentation in a pipette 

At SSERC, we’ve been developing a suite of experiments on a smaller scale. This article will explore a small-scale fermentation that takes place in the bulb of a pipette.

Leading the way in STEM

The delegates of cohort 2 on our Leadership in STEM Education course continue to make excellent progress as they work towards the completion of their professional enquiry.

SSERC Professional Learning courses

A list of our upcoming offerings.

Professional Learning Reflections from three newly qualified teachers

In this section, three newly qualified teachers reflect on their experience of attending Professional Learning Courses at SSERC: Jordan Summers (Design and Technology teacher), Louise Evans (Biology teacher) and James Meechan (Chemistry teacher)

Microbiology matters

The Microbiology in Schools Advisory Committee has a range of learning and teaching resources to support your practice.

Melting Points

How the melting point of an unknown sample or one of unknown purity can be determined using various methods and not breaking the bank?

Torsional pendulum

We first saw this apparatus at the 2023 IOP Stirling physics teachers meeting. We were impressed by the thought that had gone into the design and the very reasonable cost. We received the apparatus for evaluation and here we review how it could be used.

STEM Engagement (Whole section)

New programme manager for the Young STEM Leader Programme

An introduction to our new programme manager and our new STEM Leader 7 Award.

The STEM Ambassador Programme

An overview of the STEM Ambassador Programme including the launch of the Scottish STEM Placement Programme

Health and Safety (Whole Section)

Radiation generators and registration: a message to employers

A short article about the information that HSE requires from centres with radiation generators.

Ionising Radiation

This article is about the information that school science departments working with radioactive
materials should pass on to their employers.

Keeping a classroom pet

A brief reflection on keeping an animal in school.

Use of Heavy Metals in School

We have had a few enquiries recently asking whether it is permissible for learners to use solutions of lead compounds in Advanced Higher project work.