SSERC Bulletin 277 Complete

Health and Safety

Mercury Thermometers

Contrary to what some people think, you can still keep and use mercury thermometers – they just need a little more care than other liquid in glass designs.

Radiation Dose

The dose of radiation you get by carrying out a school demonstration is very low. In this article, we look at what dose is, how we reduce it and how the dose from school activities compares with other common practices.

Mud and Blood

An overview of the health and safety implications of working with mud versus soil samples, with respect to microbiology, and how to safely sample human blood for microscopy.

Activities & Professional Learning

Woodturning Part 2

Oxygen in the Laboratory

A look at the different methods for generating oxygen for use in the laboratory.

SSERC Professional Learning

List of upcoming secondary and technician courses.  Including a brief description of new courses for 2022/23.   

Biology Summer School Review

Stephen Watson, a Biology teacher from Berwickshire High School in the Scottish Borders, reflects on his professional learning experience on the Biology Summer School in June 2022.

Biology Summer School – The Roslin Trip

Lauren King, a Biology teacher from Auchmuty High School in Fife, reflects on her professional learning at the Easter Bush Science Outreach Centre (EBSOC) (Roslin Institute) during the Biology Summer School in June 2022.

Wider STEM Engagement

Young STEM Leaders at Barrhead

Young STEM Leader Week

STEM Industry Partnerships

Nuffield Research Placements 

STEM Ambassadors in Action

Stem Engagement Calendar

List of upcoming events linked to the WSE programmes from SSERC.