SSERC Bulletin 273 Complete

A Chemistry Map of Scotland

We now have a Google Map, showing the location of a large number of sites relating to the history of chemistry in Scotland. Locations where well-known
Scottish Scientists were born, lived and died and where they are buried. Sites relating to the boom in the Shale oil industry in Scotland (mainly) in the 19th century. Sites of chemical-related industries from gunpowder factories through to oil refineries – and many more.

Cognitive Load Theory and Experimental Instructions

A look through some a different approach to experimental instructions that are constructed in line with Cognitive Load Theory that could make it easier for some pupils at least to be able to follow an experimental protocol more independently. The examples given are for chemistry but the method is applicable much more widely.

Finding g using a water stream

An activity aimed at Advanced Higher physics: we showcase another method to add to those already available for the determination of g. It uses measurements of the narrowing of a stream of water from a tap.

SSERC professional learning courses

Ann update on our professional learning operations.  Face-to-face courses will take place with the appropriate COVID processes and procedures in place,
including social distancing that are in place at the time of thier taking place. (The programme is of course subject to change so keep an eye on the SSERC professional learning calendar for up to date information.).

Keep an Open Mind

Whilst preparing our Bulletin article on Tracker – a truly superb open source motion analysis program – we were reminded of other great free or open source Apps that we use regularly in our mobile devices course or software that we use as part of other workshops.

Woodturning Part 1

To assist in the knowledge of basic woodturning techniques, we have been working at SSERC to put in place a 2-day woodturning course for teachers and technicians. In the interim, we have put together a series of short articles as a guide covering the equipment, safety, tools, and processes used in woodturning. We will look at each area in turn over the next few bulletins.

Inspiring women and girls in STEM at Peebles High School 

Peebles High School in the Scottish Borders has been running the Young STEM Leader Programme (YSLP) for the last two years. This year, an inspiring group of Young STEM Leaders set out to tackle gender stereotypes in STEM in their school.

Health and Safety

Radioactivity in schools – some misconceptions

Not everyone who uses radioactive sources in schools will have a physics background and some who do may still harbour misconceptions. Here are some that
we have come across.

Health and Safety in Art

Just a ‘heads-up’ – we will advise on H&S in all areas of schools – though our speciality is in Science and Technology – we will, over the next few months be expanding our advice on the website to include Art departments as well.

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