On the 29th November  2018, we are testing our new digital skills accommodation and digital accessories by offering a free professional learning opportunity.

Thursday 29th November 2018.      1.30 pm – 3.30pm

Gain an understanding of the National advice and guidance on Technologies, Computing Science and how this can be embedded meaningfully within context across Early-First level in the BGE curriculum.

Attendees will come together to collaborate and be inspired by rich computing science resources, network, using advice and guidance available locally and nationally including the very popular Barefoot Computing resources. Hands on access to a range of contemporary digital creativity resources and Computing Science technology will be demonstrated. Using the Blue-Bot floor robot and tracker pad, Dash and Dot Robots and the unique Code-a-pillar programmable toy, we’ll examine how to explore Computing Science concepts in imaginative ways across the curriculum.

If you would like to help us  with this testing activity, and at the same time experience hands on practical, face to face, professional learning – then contact me by:

direct message @SSERCofficial on Twitter

e mail: alastair.macgregor@sserc.scot

This is a free course and available places are limited.