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SSERC and the Royal Society of Biology 25th Annual Teachers’ Meeting

2022-02-23T10:23:49+00:00February 23rd, 2022|

SSERC and the Royal Society of Biology are pleased to announce that the 25th Annual Teachers' Meeting will go ahead on the 26th May at The Moredun Institute in Edinburgh. Attendance at the event will be offered free of charge but places are limited, and will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis. To apply for a [...]

New Partnership

2021-12-15T09:59:46+00:00December 14th, 2021|

We are absolutely delighted and excited to have entered into a partnership with the3engineers  allowing us to develop a range of topical and interesting STEM based activities relating to the adventures of 'Scout'.   We have agreed on a creative range of activities that bring together the knowledge and skills of both partners.   Exciting times ahead for [...]

New Partnership

2021-12-14T22:51:57+00:00December 14th, 2021|

We are delighted to be developing a new partnership with the Aero Space Scientific Educational Trust   ASSET  which  complements our role as ESERO Space Champion UK space education office | STEM From Building a Plane, to the Mobile Cosmos Planetarium and lots more beyond, there are endless possibilities for this evolving collaboration.   We will be [...]

Updated COVID advice for SSERC delegates and visitors.

2021-11-29T15:42:23+00:00November 29th, 2021|

Following the announcement of six identified cases of the omicron variant of  Covid-19 in Scotland,  we are asking all  SSERC visitors and delegates to undertake a lateral flow test in advance of visiting HQ.   This is a preventative measure to ensure the health and wellbeing of staff, visitors, and delegates.   We will be asking all visitors [...]

The School STEM Technician: Issue 1

2021-12-02T13:06:25+00:00November 26th, 2021|

We will be publishing Issue 1 of The School STEM Technician at noon on the 1st December 2021 via the SSERC website. This is our newest publication and has been created to support the school technician profession in Scotland.  Of course, it will be of interest and value to anyone working in the education sector [...]

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