SSERC, formally constituted as a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee and a registered Scottish Charity set up for the benefit of Scottish Education. All 32 Scottish Local Authorities are members of the company. Although in existence since 1965, SSERC was formally incorporated and registered as a charity in 1991. SSERC’s services are complex, highly specific and unique in Scottish education.

Our headquarters are currently in Dunfermline, although our reach is across all parts of Scotland.

SSERC Board of Directors and Trustees

Our Board of Directors comprises elected members from Scottish councils, senior education officers and representatives from The Association of Directors of Education in Scotland, School Leaders Scotland, The Association of Head Teachers and Deputes in Scotland, and the Scottish Parliament. The Board meets on a quarterly basis.

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SSERC Board declaration of interest

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Alistair Wylie – Interim Chair

Greg Dempster – Vice-Chair

Kathleen Leslie –  Board Member

David Maxwell –  Board Member

Steven Morrison – Board Member

Alan Taylor- Board member

Richard Holme –  Board Member

Érin McGowan –  Board Member

Stuart Naismith – Board Member

Paul Downie – Board Member

Andrew McGuire – Board Member

Sandra Reynolds – Board Member

Kenny McNeill – Board Member

Kaukab Stewart MSP – Board Member

Hilary Phillips – Board Member

Gillian Eaves – Board Member

Senior Management Team

The SSERC Senior Management Team has the responsibility for the day today running of the organisation and putting in place the actions required to achieve the vision set for the organisation.   They hold specific executive powers delegated to them with and by authority of the SSERC Board of Directors.

To view the declaration of interest, click on: Declaration of Interest extract

Alastair MacGregor

Alastair MacGregor
Chief Executive

Ian Woodley

Ian Woodley
Director of Finance

Chris Lloyd

Chris Lloyd
Head of Advisory Service

Euan Mitchell
Head of Early Years and Primary Education

Graeme Rough
Head of STEM Programmes

Annie McRobbie

SMT Lead: Special Projects