Physics – Home Learning

Welcome to the SSERC Physics Home Learning page.

Here at SSERC we are doing our best to help in these difficult times In addition to the large amount of resources already on our website ( we are adding some others that might help more specifically in these times of lockdown and isolation.

Self-Study courses:

We have  been working to develop courses that you can use to update your skills.

  • To complement our optical radiation and electrical safety courses, we have added another physics safety course that covers many of the areas not included in the two exisiting courses. You can find out more here.
  • There are more details of the electrical safety course here. 
  • You can also still apply for our optical radiation course here.
  • You can access our Mobile Devices course here:

The mobile Devices course is for SSERC members and is free. If you work in a Scottish state school you are a SSERC member. Those in most independent schools and many FE colleges are too.  (You may find that activities described in the course are adaptable for student use at home).

It is adapted from our Blended learning course and features activities such as:

  • Take a video of a moving object, analyse it and generate motion graphs
  • Demonstrate sound engineering and noise cancellation
  • Access your device’s internal sensors, make and record measurements
  • Investigate the Doppler effect and even the uncertainty principle
  • Create animations


Introduction to BeeSpiV

Playlist of helpful videos for technicians

Playlist of SSERCMeets (particle physics, quantum physics, special and general relativity, semiconductors, astrophysics)

Other (Non-SSERC) Resources


IOP support for physics during covid19

The links below take you to pdf documents of areas of physics arranged by topic for different age groups and includes links to further activities.




Perimeter Institute

The Perimeter Institute in Ontario, Canada has many useful resources on its website (

A guide to adapting Perimeter’s resources for online classrooms can be found here: