Early Years & Primary Home Learning

To continue to support and develop the curiosity and imagination of the young people you have at home a ‘focus on fun’ is the best approach to delivering any STEM experiences. The possibilities for incorporating fun into STEM education in Early and Primary Years are endless. Young people are naturally curious about the world and love to learn through play. Activities that involve experimentation, discovery, building or collecting things are great ways to teach younger people.

We have developed some activities that allow you to easily engage with your young person/ people at home through easily accessible STEM videos. These videos allow you to do the activity along with us or watch them together and then recreate the activity.

Any photos or videos of you undertaking any of these STEM activities can be shared with us through Twitter or Facebook (@SSERCPrimary)

As well as the activities below, we have a vast variety of Bulletin articles with step by step guidance with resources required to complete the investigations and these can be found here.

The following links will show where you can access our Primary STEM Home Learning videos.