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Marvellous magnets

Magnets come in lots of different shapes and sizes and after some free play, observing and exploring their properties, learners will be ready to undertake more systematic investigations.

Craig Mathieson – a real life explorer

Polar Ambassador Craig Mathieson is a real life professional explorer. He has been spending time in primary schools involved in the Polar Explorer Programme sharing his knowledge and experiences.

Life as a Scottish Polar Ambassador

When SSERC invited me, Heather Reid, to get involved with the STEM Learning Centre’s Polar Explorer Programme I wasn’t sure quite what to expect. But having forecast my fair share of wintry weather over the years, and even a few ‘polar lows’ – I was sufficiently intrigued to attend a training day and find out more!


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Wonderful wriggly worms!

We are big fans of the not-so-humble earthworm and it seems we are not the first to feel this way. Aristotle described earthworms as “the intestines of the soil” and Charles Darwin was famously fascinated by these amazing invertebrates. Darwin’s last scientific book, The Formation of Vegetable Mould through the Action of Worms, with Observations on their Habits was published in 1881, not long before his death. Darwin compared the actions of earthworms to that of the plough and was well aware of their importance to life on earth.

Scottish success at STEM Inspiration Awards

St. Andrew’s University Public Engagement department nominated Henry Rae for the Outstanding STEM technician award. He was shortlisted and invited to the House of Lords for the award ceremony and, much to his surprise and delight, was announced as the winner by Lord Sainsbury.

RBS STEM Ambassador

The STEM Ambassador Coding Club at RBS Gogarburn started with a few enthusiastic members of staff and has grown, over the last two years, to now involve 40 staff working across many Edinburgh primary schools.

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Picture this: photo orienteering in your school grounds

Photo orienteering in your school grounds is a great way to develop learners’ map reading skills while also encouraging attention to detail and providing a practical use of technology to capture photographs of aspects of their immediate environment.

The Primary Science Teaching Trust (PSTT) – Why primary science?

The PSTT is an educational charity and a strategic partner with SSERC. Their vision: to see excellent teaching of primary science in every classroom in the UK.

SSERC professional learning courses

Our professional development courses range from twilight workshops and one day courses, through to residential events lasting up to 5 days in total. As you may know, SSERC was formally awarded the ‘GTCS Quality Mark as a Professional Learning Organisation’.

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Slip, sliding away – soil erosion

Soil is a vital resource, essential to our everyday lives, but its importance is often overlooked. Soils provide nutrients for plants and animals and can also act as a carbon dioxide reservoir. Millions of tonnes of topsoil from farms and forests are eroded by wind and rain each year, causing potential problems for the environment.

Would you like your school to participate in a climate change project?

This is open to ALL schools and any school taking part can also apply to present their project at The PSTT Children’s Conference which will take place at the International Primary Science Education Conference (PSEC) in Edinburgh on Friday 7th June.

SSERC professional learning courses

Our professional development courses range from twilight events, day-courses through to residential meetings lasting up to 6 days in total. Our curriculum coverage spans both primary and secondary sectors and we offer events for teachers as part of their career long professional learning, newly qualified teachers and technicians. Many of our events receive funding from the ENTHUSE awards scheme or the Scottish Government.