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Beat it!

How to make a drum based on a  traditional African djembe to help tour pupils explore sound.

SSERC news

Staff changes at SSERC

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Trunk transport

Have you ever wondered how water travels from the roots to the leaves of an oak tree or a Scots Pine? In fact, water travels up a plant by a combination of processes which include transpirational pull and capillary action. Simple demonstrations of these processes can allow for great investigations in class.

SSERC Primary Summer School (5th & 6th July 2016)

Join us for two days of exciting outdoor science activities at this year’s SSERC Primary Summer School. Incorporating aspects of successful summer school programmes from previous years, we will explore the local environment, developing skills which can be transferred to your own location – no matter where you teach.

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SSERC support for Primary Science & Technology 2016/17

As the new term starts we thought it might be a good time to remind everyone of the opportunities and services provided by SSERC.

Snappy dragons – a beginner’s guide to pneumatics and hydraulics.

A guide to some simple experiments that can demonstrate the usefulness and effectiveness of these two techniques when teaching about forces.

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Walking on Water

Exploring Surface Tension: Some simple experiments.

‘Bacteria Farm’ – safety alert!

A warning about the microbiology kit ‘Bacteria Farm’.