Bulletin 208 complete

1 Editorial

2 News & comment

Science 2020, Science Strategy Funding, Stirling Biology Meeting, IOP Stirling Meeting, Human Genome Chemistry, DNA Anniversary, More (Roger) Frost on datalogging.

3 UV source: Model risk assessment

A model risk assessment for using small, hand held UV lamps.

4 Electrical safety: Working with HT supplies

An HT power supply is capable of delivering a fatal shock. Special precautions are required to prevent harm.

7 UV lightbox

We describe the design and construction of an ultraviolet lightbox allowing children to observe fluorescence in reasonable safety.

8 WPA colorimeter

The recently introduced Colourwave colorimeter from WPA (model CO7500) passes our tests with flying colours.

9 Uses of capacitors: the photographic flash

This note offers corrections to the information and instructions, and guidance on how the activity can be done safely.

10 Composition of inspired and expired air

A simple experiment to investigate the amounts of oxygen and carbon dioxide in inspired (i.e. atmospheric) air is described in this article.

12 Constant humidity solutions

Methods for setting the relative humidity of air, required in SAPS ‘ELISA’ and Botrytis protocol, and other applications.

13 Finding Planck’s constant with LEDs

A value for Planck’s constant can be found by plotting the forward voltage across a series of LEDs versus the frequency of radiation. Though simple in execution, the method is flawed.

15 Technical Tips

Yeast Glucose Agar, Bacto-peptone, Rapid 318 fuse marking, Multimeters fusing, HT transmission line models

16 Trade News

New from DJB, CAX 2000 Teltron tubes, Smart UV products, PASCO energy transfer apparatus, PASCO USB/serial converter, Chladni’s plates’ omission.

Bulletin 209 complete

1 Editorial: Pupils and teachers reunited

2 News & comment

Acting Director, ISES News, New Chemistry Project, Summer Schools, SAPS 5-14 resources, ISE 5-14 progress report, Part of SAPS moves, Congratulations!

3 Safety Notes

Chemicals list added to ASE website, Bacterial transformation kit, Accident report (magnesium/silver nitrate)

4 Electrical isolation and cut-off

Electrical services to practical work areas including technical workshops and science labs should be fitted with localised switching for isolation and emergency cut-off.

6 Never mind the gas, get a microwave

Chemists use microwave heating to speed up reactions, boost yields and make ‘awkward’ reactions possible. An educational application of such techniques is described and evaluated.

7 Enzyme mediated synthesis

A trialled protocol, showing the action of phosphorylase (from potato) on glucose-1-phosphate, is described.

8 Come fly with me – getting the drop on Drosophila

Some updated tips are provided on the husbandry of the fruit fly, Drosophila. Advice is given on suitable anaesthetics, the handling of live flies and on appropriate, acceptable techniques for euthanasia.

9 Dormant Protist kit

A brief review of a kit from the supplier Sciento which simplifies the culturing of protozoa in schools.

10 PIC and place arm

Extensions of the control technology application suggested in earlier articles are provided. In particular, ways to add an interface, pcb kit and software routines to enhance applications of the inexpensive Robot Arm kit, reviewed in Bulletin 206, are indicated.

12 Tips on using the ‘Dazzle’ TV photo show

Tips are given on using the brilliant ‘Dazzle’ digital card reader. This is an inexpensive system which permits viewing of digital photographs with or without a computer.

12 Technicians’News

ASE, DfES and RS report, Lab design and prep room survey, News from STAG.

13 Development for updating school chemistry

Don Sutherland, PT Chemistry at Deans Community High School, Livingstone, has recently been appointed as a part-time Development Officer to support a new Scottish-based project intended to update and enliven school chemistry. We report here on the rationale for and aims of DUSC>

14 Substitutes for peanuts

An increasing incidence of serious allergic reactions to peanuts (and other nuts) has led to a search for suitable substitutes for use in common school practical activities. Some results of an evaluation of such substitutes, employed for simple calorimetry, are reported.

15 Algal cells and photosynthesis

An interesting an novel set of ideas for investigating photosynthesis from SAPS – immobilised algae.

16 News, Trade News

Science 2020 report, SSERC AGM, iButton Datalogger and PIC, PASCO serial to USB adaptor, Erratum WPA colorimeter.