SSERC Bulletin 279 Complete

Health and Safety

Wash and Glow

This bulletin article provides health and safety advice related to the use of UV lamps in experiments design to simulate the spread of microbes using commercially available lotions, e.g. Glitter Bug.

HSE Radiation Inspections

Quick Disposable Dust mask Guidance

This article gives a brief description of the types of disposable dust masks that are available and which are suitable and not suitable for use in Technology departments.

The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974

The first in a series of articles exploring the Health and Safety legislations htat determines what we are and are not allowed to do in our schools and colleges. Starting off with the Act of parliament that underpins all of our modern regulations.

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Activities and Professional Learning

Editorial – The Educational Value of Practical Work

Now Assignments have now been reintroduced, we reflect on reinforcing the importance of  practical work in the STEM Curriculum.


In this article we describe how it is possible to use a reverse biased LED as a photon detector.

A Damping Demonstration

A simple demonstration to demonstrate damping in a variety of forms: under, critical and overdamping.


A look at the use of indicators in a variety of chemistry contexts: pH indicators, redox indicators, compleximetric indicators and more.

Professional Learning at SSERC

An overview of what we have com9ing up in the field of Professional Learning

Phosphorylase: moving from N5 to AH

This bulletin article provides a protocol for a synthesis reaction catalysed by phosphorylase, suitable at N5 level. In addition, opportunities for progression to AH level are demonstrated through colorimetry, production of a dilution series and a standard curve to estimate the concentration of starch synthesis in the reaction.

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STEM Engagement

The YSL programme is growing