• Benchkote and non-absorbent tape if required
  • Disinfectant and paper towel
  • Discard jar with disinfectant
  • Bunsen burner
  • Wire loop/inoculating instrument
  • Cultures and media


The following applies to right-handed operators. Left-handed people should reverse the arrangement on the bench.

  1. Tie back long hair.
  2. Wash and dry hands thoroughly.
  3. Cover any cuts/grazes with waterproof plaster.
  4. Put on lab coat.
  5. Collect materials.
  6. Attach benchkote to the bench if necessary using sticky tape.
  7. Swab the surface of your work space with 1% hypochlorite or 1% bleach using the paper towel. Discard paper towel.
  8. Keep workspace clear of non-essential items.
  9. Place the wire loop/inoculating implement to the right of the bench so that you can reach it with ease.
  10. Place the Bunsen burner on a heat resistant mat centrally so that you can reach it with ease but not so close that you are likely to burn yourself.
  11. Place cultures and media to the left but still within easy reach. Place discard jar containing 1% Virkon to the right within easy reach. The bench must be set up inthis way each time a microbiology practical is carried out.

image 1                      image 2

Image 1 – Attach benchkote                                                                             Image 2 – example workspace