Photosynthesis, food production and turbocharging

This resource has been developed by SSERC with support from SQA. The resource encourages learners to develop as scientifically literate citizens by:

  • assessing risk and benefit of science applications;
  • expressing opinions and showing respect for others’ views;
  • developing informed social, moral and ethical views of scientific, economic and environmental issues;
  • discussing and debating scientific ideas and issues.

After completing appropriate practical work on the topic of photosynthesis learners could be given the following activity which will encourage them to look at innovative ways of maximising food production through the understanding of photosynthesis. The activity and the related articles all relate directly to the curriculum and could form the basis of assignments on the topic of photosynthesis.

Please note we recommend that you become familiar with the Teacher Guide before using other parts of the resource. The files which make up the resource can be accessed via the links below:

In addition, there are 3 related articles from the literature:

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