Biology graphics

Here are some 400 vector-based .wmf files of Biology graphics. The zipped folder titles correspond to a number of areas in Biology. To get the graphics click on any link e.g. Beetles :-

Once you have extracted the files you can then drag and drop the graphics into Word or PowerPoint. If you can’t see the graphics as wmf file thumbnails in Windows 7, install this plug-in You’ll need to restart your computer for the plug-in to take effect.

Editing files with PowerPoint – If want to tweak the files you have loaded into a PowerPoint page right-click the mouse button over the image then I. You are then asked if you want to convert it to a Microsoft drawing object. Click Yes. You should then be able to pick up the constituent bits of the image. Please note that the text can be picked out as single letter images but cannot be edited as ASCII text. Note also you may come across some objects which have no apparent function. Try Ctrl-C then Ctrl-V on an object to see what its copy looks like e.g. A colourless fill in the shape of the object. Try adding colour fills now via Home then Shape Fill/Effects. You should also be able to import these files into the free vector program Inkscape.

Zipped Biology folders

APPRTS apparatus

1WAYTAP   1-way tap plastic gas tubing
BATCHFER   batch fermentation Bulletin 167
BIOAMP   Unilab Biological Amplifier ECG electromyogram
BLOODPR1   blood pressure manometer sphygmomanometer
BLOODPR2   blood pressure manometer sphygmomanometer
CENTRFTU   centrifuge tube glass
DIYFERME   DIY fermenter lemonade bottle syringe extracts samples pH
ECG1   ECG electrocardiogram electrode physiology cardiac heart connections Bulletin 174
FERMENTE   design air in biotechnology
FERMBAFF   fermenter baffles aeration
FERMCOLU    fermenter column plastic tube
LEAFMASK   leaf mask photosynthesis starch test variegated
PEAKFLO   using motor & propellor with analogue interface or datalogger to examine the peak flow at which a subject can breathe out
PEAKG1   graph of peak flow. 4 subjects tested. LogIT datalogger and LinkPack+ software used.
PEAKG2   graph of peak flow. 5 subjects tested. Datadisc Plus software used.
POOTER   for collecting small insects etc. without harming the specimen or the user
SENSE1   Educational Electronics Sense analogue port interface
STETHOGR   stethograph rubber tube breathing patterns rate depth of
STETHOSC   stethoscope heart sounds beat cardiac
ULTRASCA   ultrasonics scanner echolocation

APPRTS.DNAKITS apparatus used in practical work on aspects of DNA technology with the NCBE and SAPS kits

5WELLDNA   5 tooth camb for producing 5 wells in gel for restriction analysis of plant DNA – SAPS kit
BACTEROP   bacteriophage virus showing DNA strands inside
CUTECORI   action of the restriction enzyme EcoRI. The sequence of six base pairs recognised and cut.
DNAELECT   electrophoresis tank for NCBE kit showing gel and wells
DNAGELWE   gel comb and micoscope slide on glass base plate with gel – SAPS kit
EXPLANTS   extraction of plant DNA procedure – SAPS kit
MICROSYR   microsyringe 10ul
MICROTUB   microtube
NCBETANK   electrophoresis tank with 2 9V batteries
PASTEURP   pasteur pipette
RESPHANC    restriction analysis of phage DNA – NCBE kit
RESPHASA    restriction analysis of phage DNA – SAPS kit
RESPLANT   restriction analysis of plant DNA – SAPS kit
SAPSPLAN   plan view of SAPS electrophoresis tank
SAPSTANK   electrophoresis tank showing gel and terminals

BEET various beetles

CLICK   Elater balteatus
COCK   Melolantha melolantha
DEVIL   Ocypus olens Devil’s coach-horse
GRND   Carabus violaceus
LADY7 ladybird 7 spot   Coccinella 7-punctata
LADYI ladybird eyed   Anatis ocellata
OIL    Meloe proscarabaeus
PILL   Pill bug
POPL   Melasoma populi
WEEV   Polydrusus tereticollis

BLOB bits of the blobby figures plus the blobbies in various poses

ARM1    upper arm
ARM2    lower arm
BAMAN   2 blobbies at table, drinking!
BAR   full bar-room scene of blobbies
BUM   blobbies bottom, cheek
CHAM   shaded blobby
FOOT   foot
HAND   hand
HOLD   blobby holding one arm in the air
KICK   wee blobby doing kicking action
LOOK    wee blobby looking upwards
PUZ     wee blobby puzzled about something
RUN   running blobby
STOOL   stool
TEA    blobby sitting on stool, pouring tea from a teapot
TPOT   teapot

BONES human bones or bone pairs as separate files

CLAV  collar bone
FEET   tarsals metatarsals phalanges toes
FEMUR    thigh bone strongest
HAND   carpals metacarpals phalanges fingers
HUME   upper arm bone
MAND   lower jaw bone bite teeth
PELV   pelvic girdle shows lower spine coccyx tail vertebrae hip
RADUL   radius ulna forearm
RIBB   ribs at front chest rib cage thoracic cavity thorax
RIBF    ribs at back chest rib cage thoracic thorax
SCAP   shoulder blade
SKULL   cranium head heid napper brain box
SPINE   vertebra vertebrae backbone thoracic lumbar cervical
TIBF   tibia fibula shin bone leg


FENC   dummy fencing en garde
FRONT   front view dummy elevation standing
HOLD   dummy saying hold this
LIE   dummy lying down
POLE   dummy vault
PROF    dummy end elevation
PROFSIT   profile dummy sitting
PROP   dummy marriage
RECV   dummy First Aid position
RUN1    dummy running
RUN2   Draw file for animation of dummy running
SIT1   dummy sitting sit profile end elevation
SIT2   dummy sitting front elevation
SLIN    dummy First Aid broken forearm sling position
STOP   dummy halt who goes there
THROW   dummy throwing
WALK   dummy front on view elevation


BABY baby face wean nipper child infant
FACE1 face human profile end on elevation
FACE2 face human adult front on elevation
FACE3 face human profile end on elevation

ORGN  human organs

BLAD1   urine waterworks urino genital
BLAD2    bladder urine waterworks urino genital
BRAIN   anterior part central nervous system
GALL   gall bladder bile duct
HART   cardiac cardiovascular
LINT   large intestine alimentary canal remove water colon
LIVR   bile glycogen hepatic
LKID   left kidney excretion water regulation
LLUNG   left lung breathing respiratory system
OESO   peristalsis gullet
PANC   pancreas pancreatic sweet bread duct
RKID   right kidney excretion water regulation
RLUNG   right lung breathing respiratory system
SINT    small intestine digestion duodenum ileum
SPLEE    lymphoid tissue lymphocytes red blood cells
STOM1   digestion alimentary canal
STOM2   stomach digestion alimentary canal
TRAC   windpipe respiratory system

OUTL human body outlines

BODY1   human body front view elevation anterior
BODY2   human body front view elevation goes around skeleton anterior
BODY3   human body front view elevation for display internal organs

CELLS.CHEM cell chemistry

ENZYM  enzyme mechanism lock and key model
MEMB   fluid mosaic model
PRIM   polypeptide simple protein
PROTC   polypeptide protein structure
QUATE   polypeptide protein structure
SECO   polypeptide protein structure
TERT   polypeptide protein structure

CELLS.GEN general

ANIC   animal cell collection
ANML   cell animal nucleus cytoplasm
CELDIV   cell division simple schematic
MOLD   pin bread mould fungus sporangiospores sporangium columella sporangiophore rhizoids section Rhizopus
PLANT   cell plant nucleus cytoplasm

CELLS.MICROO   micro-organisms

AMOEB   protozoa protozoan protist plankton
BACIL   bacillaceae rod shaped microbe bacterium
CHPOX   chicken pox virus germ disease
EUGL   protist plankton
FLU   influenza virus germ disease
MEASL   virus germ disease
PARAM   paramoecium protist protozoa protozoan plankton
PHAGE   virus bacteriophage
SPIRL   0.2-50 um variation of rod curved corkscrew flagella motile bacteria microbe bacterium
SPIRO   spirogyra alga algae chlorophyll filamentous spiral chloroplast photosynthesis
STAPH   staphylococcus gram-positive coccus irregular clusters aureus albus microbe bacterium
STREP   streptococcus coccus cocci microbe bacterium
VCOAT   protein coat virus
VIBRIO   rod gram negative microbe bacterium
WARTS   wart virus

CELLS.MICROS microscope views

COMPIL   microrganisms at various magnifications
EYEGR   graticule eyepiece microscope
EYEP   eyepiece microscope microscopy
GRAT   graticule microscope microscopy
microm   stage micrometer microscope
X100    x100 graticule with scale
X100M    micro-organisms microbe scale views
X400    micro-organisms microbe scale views

CELLS.ORGNL organelles

CHLOR   chloroplast photosynthesis
MITOC   mitochondrion cell respiration
NUCL   genes genetic nuclear


ALLRED   erythrocyte red blood cells corpuscle
ALLWB   white blood cells corpuscles immune immunity
AXON   reflex neurone nerve
CAPILLAR   blood vessel histology tissues
CHEEKCEL   cheek cell simple epithelium histology tissues
COLUMNAR   epithelium histology tissues
CUBOIDAL   epithelium histology tissues
EGG   human egg ovum ova reproduction sex sexual
EPITHCOL   histology tissues epithelium
JELLY   jellyfish sting cell medusa hydra
lARGEAGR   lymphocyte corpuscle immune immunity
MONOAGR   leucocyte corpuscle immune immunity immunology
NETL   nettle sting cell urtica
PAVEMENT   epithelium histology tissues
PLANRED   erythrocyte red blood cells corpuscle
RADIARED   erythrocyte red blood cells corpuscle
SECTRED   erythrocyte red blood cells corpuscle
SMALLAGR   lymphocyte corpuscle immune immunity
SPERM   human sperm sex sexual reproduction

GENRL  general

BEANSPRO   bean germination seed seedling coleoptile primary root embryo
EARS   hearing ears lugs audio auditory aural sound
EGGCHICK   egg chicken fertilised embryo shell yolk albumen chalaza inner outer membrane
ELODEA   oxygen producer photosynthesis Canadian Pondweed
EYEPROFI   eye profile end view sight opthalmic
EYESFRON   eyes front view elevation sight opthalmic
FACE2   face human front on elevation features
FEMALEFA   female face front features
FERMENTE   fermentation bioreactor biotechnology
FLOWERBI   flowering plant flower sexual reproduction stigma style petal anther filament ovary ovule stamen receptacle carpel
FLOWERHE   flower head corolla petals botany
HAIR   part of head
HEAD   cranium brain box skull
HEART   auricle ventricle valves muscle blood pump cardiac cardiovascular
HONEYCOM   honeycomb
HUMANHAN   hand human
IMMOBENZ   immobilised enzyme biotechnology protein
LIPS   facial face features
NECK   facial face features
NOSE   facial face features olefactory
OATSEED   seed grain germination
PLANT1   plant leaves roots stem botany
PROFILEF   face profile end on elevation
PROTEINS   protein model
TORSOSID   torso human body anatomy
VISKING   tubing osmosis semi permeable membrane diffusion
ZEOLITE   alumino silicate hygroscopic
ZOOSPHER   zeolite zoosphere

LADYB ladybirds

10SP   10 spot Adalia 10-Punctata
10SP2   10 spot II Adalia 10-punctata
14SP   14 spot Propylea 14-punctata
14SP1   14 spot I Calvia 14-guttata
14SP2   14 spot II Calvia 14-guttata
2SP   2 spot Adalia 2-punctata
2SP1   2 spot I Adalia 2-punctata
2SP2   2 spot II Adalia 2-punctata
2SP3   2 spot III Adalia 2-punctata
2SP4   2 spot IV Adalia 2-punctata
2SP5   2 spot V Adalia 2-punctata
22SP1   22 spot I Thea 22-punctata
22SP2   22 spot II Thea 22-punctata
7SP   7 spot Coccinella 7-punctata
EYED1   eyed I Anatis ocellata
EYED2   eyed II Anatis ocellata
EYED3   eyed III Anatis ocellata
HIERO   Coccinella hieroglyphica
LUNAT   lunate from South Africa Chilomenes lunata
MIMIC   Ladybird mimic Endomychus coccineus
SPLIT   Ladybird Paramysia oblongoguttata

MINIBEAS   minibeasts

CADDIS   x3 caddis fly larva Anabolia nervosa
CADDIS2   x3 caddis fly larva Stenophylax
LEECH   x5 leech Glossiphonia complanata
MAGGOT   x5 rat-tailed maggot Eristalis teneax
MAYFLY1   x3 mayfly nymph Ephemeralla ignita
MAYFLY2   x3 mayfly nymph Baetis rhodani
MIDGE   x5 bloodworm midge larva Chironomus thummi
MITE   x5 water mite Thyas
STONEFLY   x3 stonefly nymph Isoperla grammatica
WORM   x1 segmented worm Lumbriculus variegata

SKEL   human skeleton

EMPTY complete human skeleton front on view elevation anterior

ANIMPHYS – animal physiology

ENVIRGEN – environment , general

LIVCELL – Living cells