Who is it for?

Most is gained from this course when one maths teacher and one science teacher from the same secondary school attend the course together, further impact is seen when these teachers are Faculty Heads, Principal Teachers or in another relevant role to enact positive change in their centre.  It is therefore encouraged that those in a leadership position within both faculties attend, however this is not mandatory and applications are also welcomed from experienced classroom teachers.

An application from both staff members in each school must be received to be considered for this course and both teachers will attend all aspects of the course as a “School Pair”.


It is well known that there is significant overlap and correlation between science, technology engineering and mathematics (STEM) across the entire 3-18 curriculum in Scotland, but learner experience and teacher delivery of shared topics is often very different in the two subjects.

  • Are applications from science regularly used to explore concepts in maths lessons?
  • Are the mathematical techniques that learners use in science developed and applied with genuine understanding?
  • Can we find a unified approach or at least a mutual understanding of the maths standards across all STEM subjects?
  • Just how well is the maths and numeracy content in STEM careers actually articulated to learners?
  • Can more be done to enhance learning in maths classes via the use of hands-on practical work?
  • How effective is the careers-based learning and labour market information being cascaded to learners?

This course supports delegates to identify common content and discover how the same mathematical topics look in science compared to how they appear in mathematics.

We will consider how and when topics are taught in mathematics and explore ways of teaching that develop sufficient mathematical understanding whilst providing fluency in the skills required for success in science.  We will also bring genuine, real-world context to maths, working directly with Scientists, Engineers and other STEM professionals to understand their applications of maths.  Working with employers will also allow delegates to bring accurate labour market information back to their classroom to better inform learners.  In a more general sense, the course aims to develop a shared appreciation for the maths and numeracy content that is spread across the entire curriculum.

Key dates:

  • Online welcome and course outline Aug 22nd 2024 (16:15 – 17:15)
  • Two-day residential (SSERC HQ) Oct 2nd and 3rd 2024
  • One-day visit to Charles River Laboratories 11th Dec 2024
  • One-day impact showcase (SSERC HQ) May 15th 2025
Closing date for applications: 12th June 2024

Please note both teachers from each school must make an individual application once headteacher approval has been given to both staff members.


For delegates who live more than 50 miles (or 90 minutes on public transport) from SSERC headquarters, overnight accommodation will be provided on 2nd October at a local hotel for the residential, event. 

For more information, contact:

Graeme Rough
01383 626070




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